IQ VUE Patient App

Imaging Queensland is pleased to introduce our free IQ VUE Patient App and secure digital portal providing easy access to your images and diagnostic reports. With the click of a button, you now have the ability to take your images and reports with you wherever you go, via your smart phone, tablet or online web portal.

IQ VUE is available across all of our Imaging Queensland network, which includes Sunshine Coast Radiology, Central Queensland Radiology, IQ Radiology, Advanced Women’s Imaging and Breast Diagnostic Specialists.

Our new IQ VUE Patient App allows you to view your images within 24 hours of your appointment and reports 7 days after your appointment. You can share them with family or other health professionals. Using the IQ VUE App, you can also easily request an appointment at a practice across our network for a day, time and location that suits you.

Once your appointment is complete and your images are ready, you will receive an SMS text message asking you to activate your account. Tap on the link in the SMS and follow the account activation process. Once activated, you can securely access all your images immediately through our IQ VUE Patient app, or online web portal by visiting

It’s simple! We’ll step you through.

01. Account Activation Process

During your appointment, reception staff will ask you for your mobile number (or email address if preferred). Once your appointment has finished and your images are ready to be viewed you will receive an SMS text message containing your activation link. Click on this link to activate your account and download the IQ VUE Patient App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Alternatively, access your images online by visiting the websites listed above.

02. Logging In

Upon your first log in you will be asked to enter your username which is the mobile telephone number or email address you provided the reception staff. You will be asked to set a password during the account activation process – be sure to make this something memorable as this will act as your password for future access to your images.

03. Viewing your Images

Your images can take up to 24 hours to reach your account. We highly recommend you make a follow-up appointment with your referring practitioner to discuss your clinical findings. Once you have access to your current images, you can easily share your images with family or other health practitioners by viewing the desired study and selecting the ‘Share’ icon. You can also save your images by selecting the ‘Export’ icon.

04. Accessing your diagnostics report

We will send your report directly to your health practitioner as they are in the best position to interpret the results for you. Please make a follow-up appointment. We will make your report available to you via the app 7 working days after your scan.

The IQ Vue Patient App features the ability to upload your referral and request an appointment for a specific day, time and location and practice in our network that suits you. Once you submit your request, our dedicated booking agents will contact you to confirm your appointment details. Our Imaging Queensland network includes Sunshine Coast Radiology, Central Queensland Radiology, IQ Radiology, Advanced Women’s Imaging and Breast Diagnostic Specialists. Alternatively you can book online here:

Images can be saved from the IQ VUE Patient App, and Web Portal by clicking the ‘Export’ option on the study tile.

Yes, you can easily share your images by selecting the ‘Share’ icon in the IQ VUE Patient App or Web portal.

Our images are also available via the Web Portal. Please visit If you have not previously logged into the IQ VUE Web Portal, you will need to set up your login details by following the link sent to you in the activation email.

Your images may not be processed yet. It could take up to 24hrs for your images to reach your account.

No additional storage is required to view images. Viewing your images is similar to viewing a standard web page.

If you forget your password, please select the ‘Forgot your password?’ option located on the login screen. A password reset link will then be sent to you.

Patient information for all practices in the Imaging Queensland network is stored at a highly secure Australian Tier IV Data Centre. IQ VUE is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant.

Our IT department can assist with account creation, please contact support at;

Your images may not be finalised yet. It could take up to 24 hrs. If you still do not receive an SMS/ email, please contact our technical support team