Our Values

Be Compassionate

We are committed to providing excellence in diagnostics, and we care for our patients above all else because our patients are everything to us.

We enable our doctors to be the best they can be through collaboration and training in order to deliver outstanding diagnostic services with a patient-centric focus.

We focus on patient health outcomes with compassion and empathy.

We are dedicated to providing safe and appropriate use of radiology services for optimal patient outcomes by our team of professionals.

Be Dedicated

We deliver excellence through our passion and determination to deliver superior diagnostic services to improve patient health outcomes.

We believe every action and process we undertake contributes to the organisation’s aspiration to achieve excellence.

We are dedicated and enthusiastic about serving people and building trusted client relationships. Motivating us to go ‘above and beyond’ to exceed our patients and referring practitioner’s expectation.

We demonstrate the professionalism and respectfulness of Imaging Queensland through our personal presentation whilst displaying compassion and care towards our patients.

Be Responsible

We value integrity and believe every colleague is accountable for their tasks, their honesty and ‘doing the right thing’.

We value credibility and build trust through listening to others and ‘doing what we say we will’.

We encourage and support the growth and development of our people. We aspire to ensure the hearts and minds of our people have the opportunity to flourish.

We cohesively work as one united team - respectfully supporting each other, to deliver the best outcome for our patients, referring practitioners and the organisation.

Be Innovative

We actively strive to be the industry leader in innovation. We invest in new technology and science to improve patient health outcomes.

We embrace challenges, as well as continuous improvement and change. Whatever the problem, we pursue creative solutions.

We believe continual learning and innovation is everyone’s responsibility within the organisation.

We actively make every effort to understand and meet the needs of our patients and referring practitioners through our customer oriented culture.